Steiner tractors are built tough. In fact, calling the rugged, versatile Steiner 450 just a tractor is kind of like saying Mt. Everest is just a big hill. And speaking of hills, you’ll feel like the king of them all when you experience one of these tractors in action. Discover the 450 turf tractor’s powerful engines and hydraulics, wide stance, articulating and oscillating frame, and new hydraulic weight transfer and traction boost system. Throw in easy, comfortable operation and more than 25 available attachments, and you’ve got more than a tractor—you’ve got a Steiner.


There's not much you can't do with a Steiner tractor and our broad range of site preparation, turf maintenance, and snow removal attachments. Mow lawns, cut tall weeds, till soil, aerate turf, and more. Steiner gives you the power to blow it, sweep it, push it aside, or carry it away.